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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5PM  CBS  December 13, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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the black smoke for us. >> reporter: 90 people work mere in all but due to various not everyone was on duty when the fire broke out. >> i could see the smoke billowing over the reto the front and he said call 911. we a fire. and it just started getting worse athat. >> reporter: did everyone get out? >> everyone got out say. >> reporter: the fire put out soap black smoke that people from miles away were able to see it and they were concerned for their health and say the. >> well, it was incredible. i live on the other side town. a big plume smoke, i thought it was ail building. >> reporter:a fremont fire spokesman says workers at the plant initially tried to use fire extinguishers to put out the fire. and okay depending on the metal, and that's something we
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don't know at this point, what kind metal shavings were involved and okay fire extinguishers are not always effective with metal, there is a delay possibly in calling 911. that's the story in fremont. mark sayre, back to you. no sprinklers? >> we'll ask and get back to you at clock. high tides and up and down the shoreline the king tides lived up to their names. they hit their peak at mid- morning and some areas the water roses a couple inches and others several feet. >> it's been coming in fast as it looked like it was going up a bathtub. >> i think it's amazing and it's coming up. >> bill hudson sent us this
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video from high tide. stretch road in sunset beach today. part of pacific coast highway there was shun for part of the morning. chief meteorologist paul de is keeping on eye on the hi tides. paul -- these king t all depend on how the sun, and earth align. ((high tides)) it was supposed to be a bigp toward revitalizing east oakland. but neighbors
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are worried about their safy there. turns out, criminals love t nice new neighborhood near h and san leandro. and cbs-5 reporter da lin explains: homeowners are running into roadblocks trying to keep tm out. it's a five block oasis of family friendly homes, wall off from its crime-ridden led to this deadly crash on san mateo bridge. the chp we invested our money into a new oakland? 24 community. >> reporter: neighbors say crime in this tight-knit community has escalated. first they dealt with petty crime like graffiti then robbery. >> they totally kicked in our front door in broad daylight and ransacked our house. >> the latest crime the murder
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of 56-year-old old man on tuesday night in front of his house. his daughter says he had just gone home from work. police don't have a motive but neighbors think it was a robbery. >> he is a great person. last night he needed me. i wasn't there. >> reporter: the murder sped up efforts to secure this development. there are three ways to get in and out and the homeowners association plans to mount surveillance cameras at all three places to monitor those who come and go. >> use the system to go after those who do dumping or do robberies. >> reporter: the city of oakland also gave the green light to put up a gate at the entrance on this privately owned street. but a company next to the housing development vows to sue the homeowners if they put up a gate. a resolution is nowhere in sight after months of
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negotiation. >> if we had a gate this may not have happened. >> reporter: for now homeowners can count on each other to keep the community safe. in oakland, i'm da lin, cbs 5. checking your bay area headlines, a flat tire likely led to this deadly crash on the san mateo bridge. the chp says a driver of a honda was pulling over when an suv slammed into the car from behind. a woman in the back seat of the honda was killed. no one else was seriously hurt. a very close call in san francisco. the driver of this car accidentally hit the gas instead of the brake. finally skidded to a stop africa reasoning off that cliff near the twin peaks look -- after karineing off that cliff near the twin peaks lookout. it is a long bay down. nobody was hurt. if you plan to eat fresh dungeness crowd, san francisco crab tanks are crammed full
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again. the first big shipment came in this morning after crabbers and wholesalers settled a week-long price war on tuesday. software mogul john mcafee is staying in a miami beach hotel. he is working to stay in the u.s. so far, he says u.s. authorities are not trying to question him in the death of his belize neighbor. mcafee is wanted for questioning in that country. he insists he did not kill anyone. and he fears for his life if he returns to belize. >> this is not about a murder in belize. this began on the 30th of april of last year when 42 armed soldiers stormed my property, shot my dog in the head, uhm, held me in the sun handcuffed with my hands behind my back for 14 hours, destroyed half a million dollars of my property and let me go with no charges. >> mcafee says he abandoned his money and everything he has when he ran from police. he also admits to playing the, quote, crazy card in order to escape. we're learning more today
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about the suspect in the oregon mall shooting. on his facebook page, jacob roberts appears smiling and happy. but roberts had recently quit his job, sold his belongings and told friends he was moving to hawaii. one of the former coworkers says he and roberts used to go target shooting together. >> i could not believe, my heart sank and i'm getting a little choked up looking for some comfort in whatever the truth might be. >> roberts killed two people and injured one before turning the gun on himself. a 15-year-old girl is in serious condition but is expected to survive. mobile5 is live at a program to keep you safe this holiday season. >> plus, you give and they don't receive. the gift card glitch at one major retailer that's leaving hundreds empty-handed. >> it's rarely seen in the u.s. but now hundreds are lining up
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in the bay area to get their hands on an $85 six-pack. why the monks who make the beer are shipping it here. ,,,,,,
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holidays safer for travelerd shoppers. ken bastida is live with mobile five at we oakland station. bart police want to make the holidays safer for travelers and shoppers. ken bastida is live in mobile5 at the west oakland station. kenny. >> reporter: this is a time of year when people are shopping and coming home from work and it gets darker a lot earlier. we're at west oakland. let's go inside. let me show you what they set up here tonight. a lot of information mainly for riders coming off the bart system. here's the plan. bart is going to have extra police patrols at all the downtown san francisco stations. and the reason for that is as i say, to keep people safe. this is a time of the year when criminals use the opportunity of people carrying packages and maybe not paying attention to what's going on around them to
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rip them off. and one person says it can happen quickly. >> we have so many people just becoming victims because they are distracted. they are texting at station stops when the trains stop and the doors open people are snatching electronic devices and cell phones or snatching bags. they are watching you and noticing you not watching them so they are going to take that opportunity to take that property from you. when the train doors close, they're gone with your property and it will take a while for you to be able to report it. >> reporter: jenkins says that's the most common crime right now. people on trains stealing electronics, cell phones, computers, it takes a half a second and as soon as that train stops the doors open they grab your stuff and they run out. so what's happening tonight is community volunteers and members of the opd are here walking people to their cars tonight here at west oakland telling them, be careful. this is the time of year when this stuff starts to happen. in oakland, i'm ken bastida,
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mobile5. back to you. >> thank you. susan rice is taking her name out. game. the american ambassador to the u.n. has withdrawn her name from consideration as secretary of state hillary clinton. despite president obama's support, republican senators declared they would fight to defeat her nomination. rice was heavily criticized for her statements made after the benghazi consulate attack. she said that she bowed out because she didn't want to endure confirmation hearings that were, quote, very politicized. the move makes massachusetts senator john kerry the likely choice to be the nation's next top diplomat. the u.s. labor department says the economy added more jobs than expected last month. the latest jobs report shows employers added 146,000 jobs. the national unemployment rate now at 7.7%. initial unemployment also dropped by 29,000 last week. those numbers do not include people who have stopped looking for work. wall street wasn't paying attention to the jobs report
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apparently. instead, stocks closed lower after more signs of tension emerge from "fiscal cliff" talks in washington. the dow fell nearly 75, nasdaq down 22, s&p down 9. it's a very, very special beer. it's being released in the world for the first and probably only time. >> hundreds lined up for an 85- dollar six-pack of beer. the reason this rare monk-made beer has final made its way to the just and they are easy to give but not necessarily easy to receive. the gift card glitch at one major retailer that has some complaining they can't cash in. >> mother nature is going to cash in with some rainfall coming up over the next couple of days but that's not the only change. did you think it was chilly outside this morning? wait until you see the lows coming up tonight. we have some frost advisories to talk about. but clear skies right now. we'll have live look at your forecast in five minutes. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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well, now some macy's gift d recipients are getting a surprise when they try to rm their this is the time of year we buy and give gift cards. some macy card recipients are getting a surprise when they try to redeem their presents. as cbs 5 consumerwatch reporter julie watts tells us, it's not a good surprise. >> reporter: they were a
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christmas gift from his mom but when ed tried to spend his macy's gift cards yesterday -- >> she said there is zero balance on this card. and i said, that can't be. i haven't used it yet. >> reporter: and his second card was no good, either. his mother purchased them at a northern california safeway and ed says they have been tucked away in a drawer for more than a year. >> the gift card representative who said that these cards were already used and i'm like, where? she said, well one of the places was online. and i said, i don't shop for macy's online. i go in a store. >> reporter: we found similar complaints from other macy's gift cardholders who say they too just learned their $100 gift cards were worthless and it's not just macy's. two years ago a batch of best buy gift cards sold at both lucky's and safeways turned out to have zero balances, as well. >> it's embarrassing when it doesn't work and you hand it out, people probably don't know what it think.
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>> reporter: then the problem was tampering scammers scratching off the pin code and registering the card so they could use the money before the person who purchased it. he noticed his code was exposed when he opened the gift card packaging yesterday. tonight macy's confirms it had a problem with tampered cards sold through third party retailers several years ago and it's possible these are part of the leftover stock. it's also possible there is a new round of tampering. >> it's like tough luck. >> reporter: well, not necessarily. macy's tells us tonight that if your gift card is no good, you can call the customer service number on the back of the card and macy's will replace it. but the moral of this story, always check the back of the card before you purchase it to make sure that activation number is not exposed. and if you are gifting a gift card, you want to attach the activation receipt so it can be used as in evidence case the card doesn't work. >> that's a good tip. especially from you giving them in bulk handing out to coworkers or family members. >> check the back.
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>> good advice. >> thank you. well, beer connoisseurs lined up outside a san francisco store for hours today. so they could get a limited edition brew. it's priced at $100 a six-pack. cbs 5 reporter don ford shows us it's not just the price that sets this beer apart. >> cash line is shorter to the right. >> reporter: these folks aren't in line trying to get special concert tickets or half price big screen tvs. they just want a six-pack. they waited in line six hours. >> it's a very, very special beer. it's being released in the world for the first and probably only time. >> one of the best most hard-to- find beers in the world from belgium. >> reporter: called west veeder land and it ain't cheap. with tax, $92.51 for a six- pack. >> a lot cheaper than flying there. >> reporter: made by belgium monks in small amounts and
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today sold only at the abby in belgium but the abby needs a new roof so limited amounts are being sold abroad. craig walton owns city beer store. >> none of the retailers or distributors or even the import remember getting any money off this either. >> reporter: hundreds of folks waited in line and some skipped work. >> please don't fire me when i get back to work. >> reporter: with limited amounts, only those with tickets was getting beer. one person hopes the cute factor works. >> i'm hoping i have the sympathy card that the kid will get the ticket. >> reporter: by 2:00 this afternoon, the beer was running short. through the magic of television, you only thought that i was drinking on the job. by the time you see this report, it will be gone. in san francisco, don ford, cbs 5. when a texas man was pulled over the last thing he expected was a gift from the officer. 25-year-old hayden carlo was
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shocked to find cash along with a ticket for an expired registration sticker. >> opened it up and there's a hundred dollars bill. i broke down in my car. >> the officer didn't want to be identified and his police department didn't find out until carlo's grandfather called to thank the officer. the officer says he was inspired to help after carlo told him he chose to feed his family instead of paying registration. carlo was able to update his and his wife's reg station with the money. >> never know where a secret santa is going to pop up every now and then. >> it's great it hear those stories. so many people in need and then police officer comes by and fills that need. good stuff. some of you may need some rainfall. i'm not sure who you are. but if you do mother nature is going to fill that need over the next couple of days and you will need to use the heat coming up tonight. here's a peek outside. mount diablo looking good. clear skies and a beautiful day with a lot of sunshine. if you like sunshine, this was your day because the pattern is changing after today. here's a look at the bay bridge
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from our rooftop. check the temperatures already. some of you have already dropped into the 40s. likely going into the low to mid-30s tonight. livermore already 49. santa rosa 49. and oakland 53. with clear skies, temperatures will fall rapidly tonight. and especially east of the east bay hills in the interior valleys. tomorrow morning temperatures will be near freezing and the weather service has posted a frost advisory for you from 2:00 until 8:00 tomorrow morning. protect tender vegetation and bring the pets in tonight. here are the specifics. livermore 33. fairfield 32, fremont, concord, santa rosa, napa, san rafael, all well into the 30s. now, cbs 5 hi-def doppler is mainly dry right now. but that's going to be changing because we have a big pattern change it talk about. there is a large area of low pressure carving its way through the atmosphere into northern california. it gets here tomorrow. you will have some showers and temperatures will be even cooler tomorrow than today with some of you not getting out of the 40s even in the afternoon. and this particular pattern with low pressure moving in from our north and west that's going to stick with us for the
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next six to 10 days. the first of many low pressure areas that are going to swing on through, give us a strong onshore flow, some cold canadian air coming down. and keep us with a solid shower chance about 5 days out of the next 7. so a big pattern change coming now that the sunshine is gone today. so clouds increasing tomorrow. showers move in by the afternoon. that's the first of many rain chances. unsettled all the way through next week and check out these highs. where did fall go? hello, winter! 50 for concord tomorrow. the average high is 56. only 52 for campbell. redwood city only 49. showers in the afternoon, for pleasant hill, walnut creek, pittsburg, low 50s. and the upper 40s for highs for san rafael, santa rosa and novato tomorrow. we'll get a little bit of a break on saturday but here comes more shower activity on sunday. we're wet on monday and tuesday. and next week this looks kind of wintry. >> sort of festive, chilly. you want that this time of year. >> that's a great way to make
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a positive spin. feels like christmas. absolutely. yes we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,
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die because they don't get c-p-r. dr. kim mulvihill on how thw "hands-only" c-p-r is makina big difference. nearly 400,000 americans suffer cardiac arrest every year and the majority die because they don't get cpr. dr. kim mulvihill on how the new hands-only cpr is making a big difference. >> not right and the left. >> reporter: the staying alive cpr tour, the idea teach people two simple steps to save a life. >> the first thing you want to do is call 911. the second thing is to push hard, fast in the center of the chest until help arrives. >> reporter: it's hands only cpr and doubles or triples a chance of survival. that's it, no complicated breathing necessary. this hands only approach led to
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better survival and neurological functioning. researchers look add 1400 cardiac arrests in japan and found 46% of the hands only group were alive one month later compared to 40% with traditional cpr and hands only cpr led to 41% having good brain function compared to 33% with the traditional cpr. cpr keeps blood flowing to the heart and brain but many by standers are afraid to jump in. the hope is that more people know they can do hands only, they will be less likely to be hands off. >> now the american heart association is talking about hands only cpr so there should be no hesitation. >> reporter: hands only cpr is easy to do. and if you forget the rhythm, just sing. >> ha, ha, ha, staying alive, staying alive... >> reporter: now, stayin' alive is the equivalent of 100 beats per minute and that makes it ideal for hands only cpr. if you aren't a fan of the bee
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gees, you can also use queen's another one bites the dust which is also 100 beats per minute. kim mulvihill, cbs 5. ,, ,,,,,,
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♪ secondhand smoke affects everyone's health. it's not just irritating. it can cause heart disease and even death. speak up about secondhand smoke. your health and the health of your family depend on it.
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it almost seems impossible. crime goes up - and the numr of police stops go down. what might explain the b coming up at clock, it almost seems impossible, crime goes up and the number of police stops go down. what might explain the bizarre statistics just announced by the oakland police department. >> clap on, clap off, clap on clap off. >> it may be the single most
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common complaint in the world of television, the commercials are too loud! starting today we get relief. >> we are not picking on the clapper. >> no, just the loud commercials. >> it could be the chia pet, too! "cbs evening news with scott pelley" is next. the latest news and weather are always on captions by: caption colorado >> pelley: good ambassador susan rice withdraws her name for secretary of state, the highest appointment for the new administration. reports from bill plante and bob schieffer. the speaker of the house sits down this evening with mr. obama to try to prevent a big tax increase for most americans. nancy cordes and jim axelrod are on the story. what's make our high schools sick? seth doane finds it's the obesity epidemic. >> for the first time in history the life expectancy of our kids is less than hour that has


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